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Description Impala ilex

Description Impala ilex


Impala ilex is native to the islands of Southern-Japan, Taiwan and the coastal area of Eastern-China, which means  the plant can endure a sea breeze and is hardy to a temperature of -25°C.
Impala Ilex is an evergreen shrub that grows fairly densely and upright. The leaves have a glossy dark green and are narrow and long. The upper half of the leaves is usually serrated. The bloom is discrete and is followed by a small shiny black berry. Impala ilex grows well into a healthy, beautiful hedge on almost all soil types.


The Impala ilex is well suited to be used as a hedge because of its relatively dense growth. Impala ilex can be trimmed easily. The plant grows faster than other types of Ilex and is therefore very suitable for medium to large hedges with a maximum height of 180 cm. The plant can eventually reach a height of 250 cm. This means it can easily be trimmed into various shapes, such as pyramids, cubes or spheres. The plant can also be planted in groups. Even when planted as a solitary plant, the Impala ilex is a graceful plant and can be combined endlessly with other plants in the garden because of its smooth and glossy green colour.


• Hardy Zone 6 / -25°C
• Evergreen shrub to approximately 250 cm in height
• Dark green twigs


• Oval/oblong, 2 cm in length
• Serrated and shiny

Flowers / fruits

• Discrete bloom, clustered
• Round and black berry, ø 6 mm


• Hedge to approximately 250 cm in height
• Topiary, decorative